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 In the land of Sparta, there were two people. On the south-western side were the humans that called themselves Spartans, and on the north-eastern side, right next to Athens, were the orcs. Few orcs lived anywhere else, but this was where just about the entire Orc species can be found.
 The orcs were as war like as the Spartans. They were savage, but noble. Rather than ride on horses, they rode on tamed lions and tigers. They wielded mostly large weapons, but they were skilled archers too. They all had green skin that varied from light to dark green and they had tusks coming from their mouths. Their eyes were green, yellow, orange, or brown, and their hair were either black or blonde.
 When the orcs arrived in Sparta, they had declared a war against the Spartans for territory that lasted almost a century. Not many died for both Warriors were only that good. In fact, only a total of about 300 soldier had died until the war ended. Since the orcs had half their land and began to tire from battles, they offered to quit the war and in return keep the land they now had. The Spartans agreed to this.
 The orcs became less hostile then. Less were interested in being the barbarians they always were and decided to take more peaceful approaches in life, such as being artists or better doctors, or many others.
 However, Mars, the God of war, did not like what became of the orcs. They were his favorite species because they were like the second  definition of war, with Mars of course being the best. Because of this, he was outraged that his favorite violent species became "tamed" and boring and lost their way. He tried to use his godly influence upon them, but his influence is what made them savage, yet noble in the first place since the beginning of time. He could no longer to anything to them now that they were practically immune to him.
 But Mars had a sinister idea. Rather than put back their savagery, he would take away something else from them. Something that made anyone good enough to be peaceful. He decided to take away their love. He got the idea from seeing his wife, Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. He could get her to take away their love so that not only will they go back to their savagery, but they can be better than ever.
 Venus had never liked the orcs, always calling them "neanderthals." This made it easy for Mars to convince her, as she then casually removed the orcs' ability to love.
 The result was catastrophic, and Mars was more pleased than when he took away Venus from Vulcan. The orcs had no love, so they instead had hatred. Hatred that spread to other people like the humans, centaurs, fauna, and others. The male and female orcs were no longer capable of loving each other to have families. Instead of expressing love for pleasure to each other, they gave into pure lust. This was what would give birth to more orcs for now on. And their sense of nobility was replaced by a great pride as a species that was a superiority complex against other people.
 The orcs acted upon their savagery to take over the neighboring city of Athens, and they reestablished their war against the Spartans. They were looking to take over all of Greece, and the other Gods could not do anything about them because Mars grew more powerful to where he was at Zeus's level. He threatened take over Mount Olympus and submit the other gods. So the gods gave up and left him alone along with orcs.
 It seemed as though all hope was lost. The orcs were to eventually take over Greece and spread Mars's power without realizing it, making him stronger. However, there was one God who did not give up. One who also had power over love. One who was more related to Mars than anyone else, and could bet it all on his bow and arrows, his wings, and his diaper.
This is the story about an orc who was given powers from Cupid to restore love within the other orcs and at the same time learn to accept his diapers.
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August 2, 2016


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