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Edge could not believe that he was seeing a god for the first time in his life. He always imagined that he would meet them all after death, but to meet one alive was beyond a huge honor. It was a miracle.
 He fell to his knees on the ground humbly to Cupid, looked toward the ground out of respect, and said, “My god, Cupid, it is an honor to meet you! May I please look upon your person?”
 “Why yes you can.” He said gently. His voice was like the gentle, soft voice of a teenage male faun.
 Edge looked back up and asked with awe, “Why are you here?”
 “Well, first things first,” He said pulling out a string from his cloth diaper that turned into an adult diaper. “Like you said to my ogre agent, you need a diaper changed.” With a gesture of his right hand holding the diaper, he levitated Edge into the air.
 “Whoa!” Edge gasped surprised. He was a little disoriented from the sudden lift and then became embarrassed to find his pins being removed by the baby god.
 “Er- I- uh... I can change myself you know.” He said as nicely as he could. He hated being changed by the god as much as he hated being changed by Tar.
 “Oh I know,” He said as he was powdering his bottom. “But I have been changing my own diaper for thousands of years, so I am the best at doing this.” He said with pride. He noticed that the orc was embarrassed but did not care as he now was putting on the new diaper.
 When he placed the last pin on, he levitated Edge back onto the ground standing. His new adult diaper was different. The ones he wore were grayish white and had rather flayed edges. This new one was cloud white with gold stitchings of little flying babies with bows and arrows, and pink stitchings of hearts. It was thicker too, and it was more babyish overall. Suddenly, he preferred his old diapers.
 “Wha- Why am I wearing this!?!” He cried in embarrassment. “Wait. And what did you mean by your ‘ogre agent?’ What does Tar have to do with you?” he demanded.
 “All questions will be answered after I am done giving the gifts that you deserve and that you will need.” Cupid assured him as he plucked a splinter off his bow grip. The splinter grew into a bow, and then he took off his quiver full of arrows and strapped it onto Edge’s person. He then handed him the bow.
 “And the finishing touch.” He said as he now plucked a feather from each of his wings. He allowed them to float on their own as the feathers planted themselves on Edge’s back, where his shoulder blades were located. They grew into wings that were the same color as Edge’s new diaper and they were each two and a half feet long. They were quite small on him.
 “They may seem too little to carry you, but they will.” Cupid told him.
 Edge managed to flap them, and suddenly he was floating in mid-air on his own.
 “I can’t believe this!” He cried in shock as he lowered himself back on the ground. “Why do you give me these things? I’m dressed like you!” He said with a bit of shame in his voice as he looked ridiculous to himself.
 “Because you are ready to be my champion” Cupid said, now getting serious. “You have completed the test to gain these gifts, which was humility. After being forced to be dressed like a baby, treated like a baby, you acted like a baby as a sign of defeat to Tar, who I asked to take care of you in his cave so you can regain your ability to love.”
 Edge looked back at Tar, who waved at him with a smile. Then he asked, “What do you mean my ability to love?”
 “My father, Mars, has removed the orcs’ ability to love, including yours, so his favorite mortal species could not only go back to being the savage race they once were, but so that they could also more savage than ever. They must be saved because not only should everyone be able to love, but because if they continue to be as hateful as they are now, they will take over the world and corrupt it.
 “But now, I have a warrior who will save them from themselves, which is you! When you were banished from your home by your kind, it was a golden opportunity that I took. Then I had Tar, the only ogre who is smarter and nicer than his kind, despite his grammar, take you in and treat you like an infant, so that you could learn humility, which was a key more me to regain your ability to love by my appearance.”
 “Now Edge loving orc again.” Tar said proud of himself. He bowed to the god and requested, “And now Tar wish to help Edge with quest.”
 “Yes, because he will need you Tar.” Cupid told him.
 “Quest?” Edge asked.
 “The quest that you will embark to save your people,” Cupid explained. “I cannot regain your people’s ability to love as easily as I did for you, but you can with the gifts.
 “The bow will never miss a target, as long as you look at it. The arrows will not kill, but will instead regain the orc’s ability to love. These arrows are what will save your people, so they are the most important to you all. Your wings, though small, will carry you when you need them, and finally your diapers.” He pulled out a longer string from his own diaper that was made into six more, and gave them to Edge. He now had a total of seven diapers.
 “When you wet them, they will heal almost any injury that does not kill you. If you mess them, they will unleash a shockwave that will knock your opponents off their feet, but that will only work when nearby an enemy. The only weakness with them is that you cannot change hem yourself, for you must require another person to change you, which will no doubt be Tar, so that problem is solved.”
 “But I do not want to wear these!” Edge said defiantly. “I already learned humility, can you just heal my incontinence?”
 “I will heal them, if you complete the quest, but that is only one of two awards.” Cupid replied.
 “But why must I wear them!” Edge demanded, getting agitated. “I already know humility!”
 “Not entirely,” Cupid said sternly. “You started to know humility from acting like a baby, but now you must know humility by finally accepting them.”
 “Because it is time that people learn to stop being discriminate to diapers. They always laugh at those who wear them, even if they are probably wearing them as well! When you complete the quest, people look upon you as a hero, and not be ashamed of having to wear diapers, and they will not even make fun of you.”
 “NO! I refuse to wear these damn things any longer!” Edge yelled at the god. Suddenly he was lifted into the air, his stomach landing on Cupid’s left thigh, and he was spanked three times. He cried in pain he got hit each time.
 “You shall not talk to a god like that!” Cupid yelled in almighty anger. “And you shall not use that kind of language too! For now on, you will not talk that way until you complete the quest!”
 Edge was back on the ground, holding his rear. Who knew that it would hurt despite the padding, he thought.
 “You will learn to accept your diapers, for it is a key to your victory, and if you want to know why you should even embrace them, which I hope that will, you can find out by answering this wise question: What kind of mortal is the purest among you all?”
 “Farewell my dear orc! Remember to only fight the orcs by using the arrows, for they will save your people from Mars’ magic. I hope that you will achieve your quest!” Cupid cried out as he began to depart.
 “So that’s it then,” Edge said defeatedly. “I’m going to be stuck in these diapers for a long time.”
 “No worry, Edgey!” Tar said optimistically as he grabbed the orc and cradled him in his arms. Edge was a little surprised fro the sudden grab from behind, but did not care. “Edgey jus’ has to shoot orcs with arrows, and orcs and be loving again!”
 “That’s all it will take. Quite Simple I guess.” Edge complied, believing it will be quite easy.
 “And Tar will changed Edgey on quest!” Tar said as he hugged him, practically crushing him.
 “Er! Why do you have no problem changing diapers!?!” He asked annoyed and squeezed.
 “Diapey changes are good bonding expurences!”
 “It’s ‘experiences,’ and can you please put me down?” He asked.
 Tar put him back on the ground.
 “I gotta say, I am far from being the warrior that I used to be. When we orcs change allegiances, we change our names because we become different warriors. So I’ll call myself... Anteros.”
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Submitted on
October 7, 2016