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 Edge was walking through the forest that was in front of Athens. He was carrying the bag of diapers on his back. It also apparently carried food and water.
 Though the forest he walked through had a trail to walk on, he went deep in the woods instead, for he would not dare let passers on the trail see him wearing nothing but his wet diaper. At one point, he finally decided to change himself and put the used diaper in his bag. He will have to figure out how to clean it.
 His life was truly over now. He was one of the most respected orcs, now he was a disgraced exile wearing infantile garments all because a human boy managed to stab him in the bladder. All the other orcs of Greece would eventually learn the news of him, and probably other people as well. How could Edge live among anyone now he is in such a shameful situation? He will have to live alone, isolated from all populations. He would then have to figure out how to survive. He could just hunt animals and eat plants. He was smart enough to identify good plants from bad.
 Edge was no doubt a disgrace to his own family too. Before his exile, his family sword was destroyed before his eyes. This was not only a punishment for him, but also his ancestors. If his parents were alive and saw him, they would disown him without even looking at him. They probably would even kill him with what remained of the sword to save what pride they had left. Maybe he should just kill himself. He cannot live the rest of his life like this.
 Eventually, Edge came across a cave. He went inside and rested at the entrance. He got out a flask of water and drank it. Having to find one among his diapers did not make him feel any better. He then put back on his bag and went deeper into the cave.
 He was surprise by what he found. It appeared that someone already lived here. There was a fire pit with a chair in front, a big bed on one side, a dresser next to it, and oddly, a nursery on the other side of the cave. There was a big crib that he could sleep in, a changing table with adult diapers. Perhaps this was a home to a family of giants. But giants are bigger than this. Who, or what, lives here?
 He did not have a lot of time to think though, because something hit him in the head and he was knocked out.

 Edge woke up and saw metal bars in front of him. Was he in cage? He sat up and looked around. He was in a crib! Actually, it was the crib that he saw in the cave, which he was still inside of! There was a teddy bear in the crib with him.
 "Hey!" He yelled out. "Is this some kind of sick joke!?!"
 "Baby!" A happy, deep voice cried out. Edge was right about a creature bigger than himself, but smaller than a giant living here. It was an ogre! He had dark orange skin, a bald head, and he was wearing a black loincloth. He had tusks that went up to the middle of his nose, and he had pretty green eyes. And finally, he was 15 feet tall. He was fat, but not too fat. In fact, he had a muscular gut, a muscular chest, and strong arms and legs.
 The ogre ran up to the crib and set his hands on the top of the crib. He had a big grin as he looked at Edge. He must have been the one who knocked him out!
 "Who are you!?!" Edge demanded.
 "My name Tar," he said nicely. He didn't seem to have good vocabulary. That was no surprise though. "What your name?"
 "My name is Edge!" He yelled back. "Now get me out of this!"
 "Aww!" Tar said despairingly but adorably. "Baby Edgey cranky. Tar give milk to baby!" He grabbed Edge and carried him out. Even though he was fighting, Tar did not seem to notice. He carried him over to the chair in front of the fire pit. On the chair was a big baby bottle that was the size of a beer bottle. Tar sat down after grabbing the bottle with a free hand.
 "Milk time for baby!" Tar said. He practically forced the bottle's nipple into Edge's mouth as he held his arms together. Edge had no choice but to drink the warm milk. He could not believe that this was happening to him. It was bad enough that he was already dressed like a baby, now he was being treated exactly like one.
 He looked at the bottle as it was halfway done. He then looked at the ogre's face as he had what looked like a loving look on his face. He had a sweet smile and his green eyes twinkled.
 Finally the bottle was empty and Tar rested him on his left chest. He patted his back and Edge let out a burp. "Does baby Edegy feel happy?" He asked.
 "Are you kidding me!?!" Edge said as he was pulled off his shoulder, now looking at Tar. "I demand that you-" He was cut off as a pacifier was forced into his mouth.
 "This binky will calm baby Edgey." Tar said. "Let us do something else."

 Over the week, the ogre continued to treat Edge like a baby. He would feed him mashed olives, carrots, bananas, or meat while Edge was in a high chair wearing a bib. He would be forced to play dress up as he wore bonnets, onesies, t-shirts, booties, and sleepers. He also had his diapers regularly changed, especially since he was now forced to mess his diapers. The ogre would often use a little too much baby powder.
 Edge was even being "taught" how to speak. He had to say words like "wee wee," "poopy," "diapey," "binky," baba," in order to get changed or fed.
 One night, Tar decided to sleep with Edge in his arms. "Nighty night. Tar love you." He yawned. He slept on his right side while hugging Edge, who was sucking a pacifier.
 As the ogre slept, Edge managed to over time slip out of the ogre's arms. He got out of the huge bed and made a run for the entrance, not caring about getting his other diapers that needed. Just when he saw the moonlight to freedom, he had familiar big hands on his abdomens.
 "What baby Edgey doing!?!" Tar cried out upset as he carried him back into the cave.
 "Let go of me!" He yelled out.
 "What wrong with baby?"
 "What's wrong!?! What's wrong!?!" Edge screamed as he was pushed to his limit. "I have had it with your damn treatment! I don't know if you're this cruel, or just retarded enough to believe that I'm something that I'm not! I'm not a baby you stupid ass ogre!"
 Tar was horrified by what Edge said. He then carried him over to his chair in front of the fire pit and actually began to spank him!
 "Bad baby!" He scolded. "Babies no say bad grown up words!" He punctuated every syllable with a spank. As he continued to spank Edge, he began to cry. The ogre had finally done it. He managed to humiliate the orc enough to draw out tears. He had been dressed as a baby, treated like a baby, now he was crying like a baby, and almost literally. He was crying out loudly as he echoed into the cave. Tar then stopped spanking him, though this did not stop Edge's crying.
 "There, there baby," Tar soothed as he now carried him gently in his arms. "Tar forgive you."
 "This is the most humiliating moment of my life!" Edge sniffled. "I used to be a great warrior among orcs, then I had to be forced to wear diapers like a baby, then you had to go and treat me like a baby, and now I'm crying like a baby! And I… I…"
 "I need my diapey changed!" He had wet his diaper while getting spanked.
 Suddenly, there was a great yellow light coming from outside the cave. "Looks like baby Edgey passed." Tar said as he carried him towards the entrance. They both looked at a golden curly haired baby who was wearing a diaper, a quiver full of arrows with hearts for arrowheads, in between two wings that carried him in the air, and he was holding a bow in his left hand.
 It was Cupid, the God of erotic love, attraction, and affection.
 He spoke, "Finally, my hero is prepared."
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