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 Edge's eyes were opened up to the ceiling of a tent. He looked around slowly and saw medicine and a female orc nurse. He was in a small hospital in the city of Athens. He was lucky to be here after falling in battle. Orcs typically don't bring back their fellow soldiers from the battlefield, especially after they became so vicious. But Edge was an admiral of great strategy. He was too valuable to leave for dead.
 He sat up in his bed, holding his lower stomach, seeing that it was bandaged from the stab. He then remembered how it happened. The little orange haired boy named Simon stabbed him right below his stomach to save his mother from death. He still could not believe that a child managed to almost kill him like that. He must be cheering for what he thinks was his first kill. It would take a lot more than that to kill him though. But it was still a humiliating fact. If the other orcs found out how he almost died, they would lose respect for him. He may even lose a couple of ranks.
 The nurse noticed he was awake and looked back to organize her medicine bottles. "Well you're up now aren't you?" She asked casually.
 "Yeah," he sighed. "Did the ambush succeed?"
 "The Amazons who didn't get killed ran away. Especially when you went down."
 The mission failed then. He had a perfect strategy and it all failed because of one child seeing them and stabbing Edge. He was sure to get punished for this.
 "Well that's just great." He grunted. He slipped his right leg out of bed from under the side of the blanket to get out.
 "I wouldn't get out of bed so quickly." The nurse warned him.
 "I just need to walk off the pain." He said stopping.
 "That's not what I meant," she whispered. "I'd remove the blanket slowly to weaken your surprise."
 Not knowing what she meant. He slowly removed the blanket and curiously noticed he wasn't wearing his loincloth. Then he noticed that both sides of his odd underwear had pins on the side. The same kind for diapers. With a horrible thought coming to him, he whipped the blanket off himself and his fear was confirmed. He was wearing a cloth diaper that was grayish white. It was thick on him, like 2 inches thick. It was also yellow because it was wet too. He didn't know which was worse; the fact he was wearing diaper or the fact he actually used it.
 "What the hell's the meaning of this!?!" He shouted with a great mix of anger and embarrassment.
 The nurse did not flinch from his shout. "Apparently that boy stabbed you in the bladder. It would have been worse if it was full at the time. Other wise your blood would have been contaminated."
 Of all the places he was stabbed in, it was his bladder. What were the cursed odds he thought. He was sure to lose all respect from the orcs. They would not let him hear the end of this. He had no idea they even had adult diapers.
 "Does anyone else know about this?" He asked trembling while looking at the ground, not daring to look back at his garment.
 "Oh yes," She told him. "From the soldiers to the elders. Whom by the way want to talk to you about everything."
 This was it. Things were about to get much worse as expected. He held his head in shame.

 He walked out of the tent fully armored pass the orcs. They were all looking at him with snickers and pointed at him. Captain Mudclaw even walked up to him and asked while holding back his laughter, "Listen, Admiral. I'll be transferring to another team because nobody was trained to change a fellow soldier."  He busted out laughing along with the other orcs. Edge pushed him away to the ground but this did not stop any laughter.
 He entered the tent where the 4 elders were. They were certainly not laughing because they had faces full of disgust.
 "Well," the left one in middle said. He had a scar on his right cheek and had long brown hair. "What the hell do you have to say for yourself?"
 "A child woke up early no he saw us." He said barely looking at any of them.
 "Last time I checked, you were trained well in the art of stealth." The one on the right end said. He was the youngest looking and had a scar on his left eye.
 "It was one of my soldiers."
 "Can you prove that?" The youngest asked. "And last time we also checked, you trained them all in the art of stealth yourself, so apparently, you did not make them all ready enough!"
 "So it was all entirely your fault." The one next to him said. He was the biggest and had gray hair. Clearly the oldest.
 "And you had to go and ultimately humiliate yourself by getting yourself… incontinent!" The one on the very left said. He had red hair and continued, "By the hands of a human child?"
 "A massive failure plus your… condition, is an extreme disgrace all of our kind." The oldest spoke.
 "I can make up for what everything!" Edge insisted.
 "We doubt that," the oldest spoke again. "But even if you could, we were told that your condition is permanent, which means you will be a constant reminder of what happened, even if we can't see it. Though, we can smell it."
 The first one who spoke then said, "Which is why we decided to strip you of all your military power."
 Edge's eyes went wide to this.
 "You are an embarrassment to our kind, so you are no longer a soldier, and if you can't be a soldier among our people, then we must also banish you."
 Edge was wrong. It was not as worse as he expected. It was was much worse. To be a warrior was what made an orc. Especially when fighting alongside with the others. It was though he was no longer an orc anymore. He was a joke.
 "Guards!" One of the elders yelled. The 2 guards that were at the entrance outside came in. "Cuff him and send word to orcs to gather at the city. Our former admiral will have to leave. By force."
 Edge did not resist when they cuffed his hands from behind.

 All the orcs in the city were present staring at Edge with disgust. The two guards were behind him holding his wrists. The elders were behind. One of them shouted, "Strip him of his armor!"
 The guards did not hesitate as they pulled off his armor. He was left wearing his diaper. All the orcs began to laugh at him.
 "Sent him away!" Another elder commanded. They walked him through the crowd to the far entrance as the orcs continued to mock him.
 "Hey! Do you need a bottle to drink milk!?!"
 "I think you need a binky to suck on!"
 "Do want a teddy bear!?!"
 "Look he's wetting himself right now!"
 The front of Edge's diaper was turning yellow. This really got the orcs riled up.
 "Looks like he needs a change!"
 "Do ya need your mommy to change you!?!"
 "Are you gonna mess yourself too!?!"
 Soon the mocking turned into angry chastising.
 "You call yourself a warrior!?! An orc!?!"
 "You're a joke!"
 "I hope you die out there!"
 They finally got outside of the city. The guards uncuffed Edge and kicked him to the ground. He did not dare get back up in front them. Not even looked back at the elders.
 "If you ever come back to Athens or even return to the orc mainland, you will be killed on sight. Good luck on living in the outskirts. Oh, and you'll need that."
 A guard who was next to one of the elders on the left end threw him a bag. Diapers spilled out. They the. Went back into the city and closed the gates.
 Edge then beated his fists against the dirt in front of the diapers and screamed, "DAMN IT!"
Finally the diapers kick in. Thing do not do well for Edge.
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August 3, 2016


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