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An orc was reading a map of a forest nearby Athens. He looked at where a camp of amazons were hiding. Warrior women who were rebelling against the orcs. As he read it, he was plan the directions from where his soldiers would ambush them.
The orc's name was Edge. He was an admiral who was leading a battalion of 30 orcs hunting down rebels in Athens. He had emerald green skin, yellow eyes, and though he was mostly bald, he had a dark blonde ponytail on the top of the back of his head. He also had tusks from his mouth that were shorter than average as they reached up to the bottom of his nose. Standing seven a half feet tall, he wore armor that was highly decorated in orc standards; made of thick layers of rhino skin and metal plates, he had an admiral badge on his left shoulder. He earned the rank for coming up with multiple strategies that led to the same amount of victories.
He carried a claymore sword that was made by his grandfather, a legendary sword that his father wielded as well, now Edge too. It was famous as it slaughtered a werewolf king in the past. The claymore was then known as Wolf Chopper. He also carried on his back a bow and arrows all made from an ebony tree, which was black wood.
An orc came in and asked, "Have you come with another great strategic Admiral Edge?" The orc had long black with brown eyes, and a big muscular gut. He wore armor that was least decorative but just as good.
"Yes Captain Mudclaw," Edge said. "I was just about to walk out to announce it."
They walked out of the tent and walked up to the other orcs surrounding the campfire.
"Attention!" Edge yelled. They all turned heads with respect. "This is where the Amazon rebels are hiding. With the trees being close together, we will travel by the trees where they will least expect us. If I've learned anything from stealth is that people tend to not look up. That is if we can travel quietly without even rustling the leaves. Then we attack their tents while they sleep in them with a storm of arrows! When they wake up to retaliate, we pounce from above and the battle begins. We will be ready while they will have just woken up too early to fight well enough. Which is why we attack before dawn. Now move out!"
They all left behind their camp with their weapons and armor on ready to fight.
Edge was smarter than the average orc. Though he shared the common point of view orcs had, he had his own that allowed him to see things differently. Most called him wise for it. Some thought he was odd but did not care for he had proven many times how useful it was.
He was not an enthusiastic soldier though. He just cared about getting through with it and getting what his people wanted. Normally he was very mellow and liked to read about old battles over Greece. He was even calm in combat where he was silent and focused while the others were loud as they roared and were reckless yet skilled. He managed to use this to his advantage many times. Though in battle, he was also ruthless and did not believe in mercy.
Though he was not always like this. He once desired to retire and have a family with the right kind of woman. He was even less ruthless in battle and had a great sense of honor. But along with all other orcs, one day that went away and felt nothing but hatred and pride as an orc.

The sun was barely out of the horizon as dawn approached and the Amazons were still asleep. There were about thirty tents all huddled together in a circle. The orcs were closing in on them from the trees without making a sound. Edge was in the front and found a nth to sit on while he'd wait for his men to get ready themselves once they signaled him.
As he waited, a boy with orange hair and freckles, who looked about the age of 10, left from his tent rubbing his eyes from waking up. He was skinny and wore a brown chiton with black sandals. He was carrying a knife as well him his belt.
"Do all human children wake up early?" Edge thought worriedly as he hoped he would not see any of them.
The boy grabbed a bucket and said tiredly, "Can't believe I woke so early having to use the bathroom." He walked away from the camp deep enough into woods to use the bucket and just when he set it down on the dirt, heard a sound that sounded something having rubbed against bark. He looked up only with his blue eyes and saw an orc going traveling above him. It seemed as though the orc scraped his foot upon a branch.
The boy nearly screamed, but he said, "Actually, I don't need to go all that bad. I should just go back to sleep." Luckily for him, the orcs who heard were not smart enough see through this and just ignored him.
"That was quick," Edge thought as he heard the kid walk back. "Wait. Why is he walking pass the tent he was in?"
The boy walked to the center of the camp and screamed, "WAKE UP! ORCS IN THE TREES! ORC IN THE TREES!"
The orcs were caught off guard by this and this gave the amazons enough time to wake up in preparation. They quickly exited their tents and saw the orcs where they were. Some of them shot arrows into the trees while they jumped down to the assault.
"Damn it!" Mudclaw said said from behind Edge. "How did he know!?!"
"He must've heard us!" Edge said in frustration. This was the first time any of his strategies began to fall apart and he did not take it well.
The orcs and the Amazons clashed swords. The orcs were aggressive while the woman were careful and fought with better speed. If they couldn't be stronger, they could be faster.
Some orcs went down having gotten deep cuts into their bodies it having lost their limbs, while others managed to slice through the women or crush them easily.
As they fought, an Amazon had just decapitated one and ran towards the boy, getting down on a knee to hold his cheeks. She also had freckles and the same hair and eyecolor. "You just saved our lives Simon! How did you know!?!"
"I woke up early to pee and I heard and saw them!" He told her getting ready to run.
"What a great chance! I need to get you out of here!" She said putting her sword back in its scabbard.
"But what about the others mom?"
"They'll be fine! You can trust them on that!"
While the orcs fought the Amazons, Edge chased after them.
"That boy ruined everything. I'll kill his mother in front of him and bury him in the corpses of the women!" Edge thought to himself. He never thought like this before he became so hateful and full of pride.
 He ran after the mother and her boy Simon until the boy tripped on a tree root. As his mother stopped, the admiral orc lunged at her with Wolf Chopper. She reacted well though as she blocked it away with her own sword which was medium sized.
"Get up and run Simon!" She cried to him.
"You should not have brought your son with you in a military camp. I had no idea human mothers were that irresponsible." Edge spit at her face.
"You people killed my husband and he's the only family I have left! And I can protect him!"
As they continued to clash swords, Simon got back on his feet and pulled out his xiphos knife. Edge managed to knock down the Amazon with a sucker punch. Just when he held his sword downwards to kill, Simon ran in and stabbed the admiral above below his stomach.
This was the first time he had ever been stabbed. He had been cut and received gashes but he had never been mortally injured. He could not believe this had happened, even after the boy pulled out is xiphos.
"I've been gutted? By a child?" He barely managed to say as he fell to his side. He saw that the boy was a look of horror on his face as he then stared at his bloody blade. The mother got his attention and they continued running as the orc black out.
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