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It is amazing how life can change for many people when something new is introduced. That new thing was the lizards in seven ships. They arrived to Earth with thousands of families in each ship, along with soldiers to protect them from any possible harm that they found on any alien planet they came across. When they found Earth, they landed in the United States, specifically on the one piece of land that stood out from their point of view: Florida.
The lizards looked human, standing on two legs, having five fingered hands, their heads shaped like the heads of bigger lizards. They all came in colors of yellow, green, and blue scales.
The humans were afraid of the newcomers. They thought they were possibly invaders who wanted to dominate Earth by any means necessary. Thankfully there were those who were optimistic. When the lizards exited their ships, communications between both races started off extremely cautiously. Some world leaders from around Earth came to the Sunshine to communicate with the lizard representatives.
They explained that they were looking for another planet to live one because their home planet had been taken over by the Wyvern Empire. It was a dictatorship that took away all sorts of freedom, and the dragons that had arrived were those who were lucky to leave.
Understanding their plight, the human leaders accepted them, and offered them land in their retrospective countries. One ship stayed in America while the other ships took off for Europe, Japan, Brazil, South Africa, Canada, and South Korea.
Relations between humans and lizards started off good and not so good. While some human civilizations in each country were accepting, especially in America, others were afraid to trust them and were discriminant. Relations did improve over the years, and there were even families of humans and lizards together. In fact, it turned out that both species were capable of interspecies reproduction. This did come at a price however, since some from both species saw this as bestiality and therefore sinful, but that would get mulled over as well.
However, the Wyvern Dictatorship had apparently came looking for the escapers, and found them on Earth. The demanded the humans to return the lizards, and in return, they would forget they ever found Earth. The world leaders met again and some of them were willing to do it. However, most of them thought that it would only make the human race as bad as the dictatorship, and even if they did return the people they got along so well, who introduced many new arts and technology, they could not trust the enemy. They argued that the Wyverns would go back on their deal and enslave the human race, and they would probably do something worse the escapers as punishment for leaving. The ultimate agreed to not hand the lizards over.
When they refused against the Wyverns, war had broke out for four years. Despite humans and lizards working together, the Wyverns were winning the war that mostly took place in Africa, especially since the Wyverns attacked other parts of Earth. However, one lizard in the dictatorship had apparently betrayed them by destroying the ships they arrived in and killing most of them. This soldier was powerful, and nobody knew who it was. This person was credited as the “Heroic traitor,” the one who betrayed the Wyverns and saved the escapers and the humans.
This is another AB/DL story I'm working on. Strictly NON-PORNOGRAPHIC!
The prologue has no AB/DL content though. It's just meant to set the stage. The first chapter is where it will begin.
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February 3