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A family

Alfred and the boys left the tank and got into the car on what was a cloudy day. It had just rained so the grass was as wet as the car. Alfred was driving to Nancy’s home do the boys can have their play date with her for the rest of the week before she went on her vacation with her fathers, and so they could have the bet.
All they had to do was flip a coin each of those days and whoever lost had to wear the embarrassing clothing the winner has for the loser. While Nancy was preparing clothes to make Bobby look like a baby girl, he had regular baby clothes for her to wear. The piece of clothing he was bring was his own bonnet, and he was carrying it in a backpack that also had some diapers for himself, along with baby powder and lotion.
As for Ian, he was playing around with the video camera their father gave to him. He learnt last night how to use it and was going to video tape the whole bet.
“Aren’t you nervous for what she has planned Bobby?” Alfred asked while he drives into a neighborhood full of two story houses. They almost looked like mansions, so Nancy’s parents might be rich.
“What’s the point? She must be nervous for what I have!” he said confidently.
“Oh yeah, because a bonnet is more embarrassing than the dress she’ll obviously pick out.” Ian said sarcastically as he made the camera zoom in and out.
“I’m just going easy her. If I win a couple more times then it will be better!”

They arrived at Nancy’s home, and it was rather large like the other houses. Not only did it had two floor, but it had salmon colored concrete and the second floor had a porch. It seemed to have the same length and width as the tank, minus the height by just a little. It had well trimmed lawn and a patch of soil full of roses.
They got out of the car and walked up to the front door. Alfred rang the doorbell and Jean opened the door.
“Hey you guys made it!” he greeted warmly. He looked at the boys and said, “Nancy is upstairs so go on ahead!”
After a quick greeting, they ran upstairs to find her.
“You can take your shoes off if you want! Leave the in her room!” he called to them. He turned to look at Alfred. “So you go to work and I’ll watch them for ya then.”
“Yep. Don’t let them get into trouble.” he grinned.
“Want a glass of water before you leave?”
“No thanks.”

“Hey you guys are here!” Nancy greeted them, excited to see Ian and Bobby. She led them down the hall after they took of their shoes and they what they found was a very pink room that was bigger than the ones in the tank.
It had pink walls, a pink ceiling, and a bed with fluffy outer blanket that was a brighter shade on a fancy wooden post at the left corner of her room. The entire floor was a purple shag carpet and there was a wide window arch that faced the back of the house, showing the entire backyard that was fenced off by a brick wall. The yard had a pool with a hot tub in the middle of the pool’s backside, and the behind it was a large, clear yard. As for the rest of her room, the bed was on the back left corner, a small, round, white table for her size in the back right corner with four yellow chairs, a doll house in front of the window, and a closet in front of the bed.
“I have the coin right here,” she said showing a quarter. “Do you have the camera ready Ian?”
“Lights, camera, action.” he said, looking into its scope. The red light was on, so it was recording.
“Ready to flip the coin?” she asked competitively to Bobby.
“Ready!” he said confidently. She flipped the coin into the air, caught it with her right hand and smacked it down on her left wrist. Heads.
“You’ve got to be kidding…” Bobby said.
“Great! Which means you lose the first coin toss and have to wear something girly!” she mocked at him as she went to her closet.
“I’m betting it’s a dress?” Ian asked, still having his eye on the camera scope.
“Let’s just say that ‘dress’ rhymes with ‘yes!’” She walked out with a pink dress with shiny fabric that had a white apron on its front, white frills on the inside that made the dress puffy, and short sleeves that look puffy as well. It actually looked rather short.
“Wait, that looks small.” Bobby said pointing at it.
“That’s because I used to wear it when I was at Ian’s height!”
“Why are you giving me a small dress? Don’t you have something else your own size?”
“Of course. But those won’t show your diaper! Now take off your shirt and shorts!” she ordered Bobby with a sneer on her face.
He reluctantly pulled off his clothes until he was only wearing his perfectly white diaper and grabbed the dress. He put it over his head and now he was dressed like a girl. Ian was getting it all on video.
“Go into the closet and look at the mirror. You look pretty!” she said with fake enthusiasm masking her snickers. He walked inside the closet and looked at the mirror at the back. The dress’s bottom rim was elevated because of the frills and she was right. His diaper was showing very well. It only barely covered the top of his diaper. He turned a little to look at the back and resumed to looking at the front.
“How does it feel?” Ian asked with a snicker of his own.
“It’s soft.” he responded hesitantly, as though he were trying to make the best of it. “Add puffy. Alright so what do we do now?”
“Well now that you look like a girl, you need to act like a girl. And for now on, your name is no longer Bobby. It is now Bonnie.” She was enjoying herself.
“Bonnie!?!” he exclaimed.

Nancy and Bonnie were sitting at the round table in her room. He was sitting in front of her with a grumpy expression on his face while she was now wearing a dress of her own, except it was bigger and was not revealing her own diaper. At the two sides were were plush toys, a white unicorn toy with a purple mane and a light blue horn, and a dog toy that was designed from a golden Labrador Retriever. Ian was standing close by, getting it all on the camera.
Nancy was pouring hot chocolate that she already made with Jean into her cup and finally Bonnie’s.
“Here’s my cup, and here’s yours.” she said sliding it over to him. He looked down at the cup and grabbed it from the sides.
“Nuh-uh!” she stopped hi suddenly.
“Don’t grab it with all of your finger! Grab the hand with your pointing finger and thumb, like this. And raise your pinky too. It’s fancy.”
He did as she said and it was a weird feeling. He sipped the hot chocolate and it was warm and sweet.
“So Princess Bonnie. What magical kingdom do you rule over?” she asked, starting the pretend part of the game.
“Uh, I come from the Kingdom of the… trailers?” he said, hardly even trying.
“I think you mean the Kingdom of… Baby Girls!”
“That’s not what I-“
“I’m the Princess of the Kingdom of Toddlers!” she announced dramatically. “I rule over toddlers that used to be baby girls from your kingdom. Tell me, would you like some honey with your hot chocolate?”
“Sure.” he said handing over his cup.

After their tea party, they were on he bed. She was cradling Bonnie like a baby, holding his head with her left hand and was bottle feeding him with her old baby bottle in her right hand. After treating him like a fellow, regular, little girl, she was finally treating him like a baby girl. He liked it better when he was getting bottle fed by Ian and especially Alfred. This only made him blush terribly. He was drinking it as fast as he could to get it over with. Especially since this was the first out of three bottles.
“There! That’s the first one! Time to burp!” She lifted up his upper body, patted him on the back, and he let out a belch. She continued with the next bottles and half through the last one, he wet his diaper, and she noticed very well.
“Uh oh! Someone made wee-wee in her diapee!” she announced, teasing him.
“I have some of my own diapers in my backpack with some powder and lotion.” he told her.
“Great!” she walked over to his backpack and got out the baby powder, lotion, and a fresh diaper. She then walked into her closet and walked out with a another diaper that was not only white, but pink and had pictures of My Little Pony characters.
“Wait! What about the one you already had!?!” Bonnie demanded in a panicked tone.
“I’m trading one of my own for it so you can wear a girly diaper! Now lie grab my pillow and put it on the floor to rest your head. It’ll be easy to change you on the floor.”
Grumbling, he did as told and was lying the floor with his head on the pillow.
“Pull up your dress.” she ordered him like a mother and he did so, showing off his tummy. She pulled off the tapes, rolled up the wet diaper and threw it into a nearby trash can. She placed the pink and white diaper underneath his bottom and rubbed the lotion on his private area. Then she used plenty of baby powder and taped on the diaper. Ian video taped from behind her, not wanting to get his privates on camera.
“Now that you really look like a baby girl, go look at yourself in the mirror again!” He did so and he blushed more.

After treating Bonnie like a baby, they went to another room, and it was a dancing studio. It had a hard wood floor and mirrored walls.
Nancy was now wearing a ballerina’s outfit with a tu-tu, and Bonnie was still wearing the same dress, although he was now wearing dancing shoes. She was teaching him how to twirl on one leg and have his hand postured over his head. This was really humiliating for him. Nancy even had music playing and they span so much that Bonnie was getting dizzy.
What was worse was that every time he span, his dress would rise and show off his girly diaper with the pony cartoons.
Finally, when he managed to perfect his form, they went downstairs to watch TV, because My Little Pony was on. Bonnie was well aware that boys actually liked this show, even men, something he never understood, and he definitely did not want to. There was a marathon starting so they watched the first two episodes. Eventually, Alfred came back to the house to pick up the boys.
He walked in and after noticing Bonnie, he said, “So I take it you’d didn’t win?” he grinned.
“Let’s just go.” he pouted.
“Did you have fun with Bobby?” he asked Nancy with a smile.
“Yeah!” she answered enthusiastically. “We had a tea party, I babied her, I taught her ballet, we watched My Little Pony, and her name is Bonnie now.”
“Really?” he said slowly while looking at Bonnie who was waiting at the door. “In that case I’ll have to call her Bonnie now. So same time tomorrow?”
“Can’t wait. See ya!” Jean replied.

“Gotta say, you look better in a dress than I imagined!” Alfred teased as he was driving them home.
“It’s not funny!”
“That’s because it’s cute! Wait, is that the kind of diaper she wears that you’re wearing?” he noticed it in the mirror on the rear view mirror.
“She didn’t just want him to look like a regular girl, but also a baby girl.” Ian told him.
“Did you get good footage Ian?”
“Well tomorrow, I’ll beat her in the next coin toss! What else could she have?”
The bet finally begins and there are a lot of mirrors in this chapter!
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