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Ever since that early morning, Ian, Bobby, and Alfred started doing baby activities, pretending to be like two-year olds when they were at home. They have been doing this for the rest of June and halfway into July, and they did not show a sign in stopping. Especially since Alfred bought the things he promised.
He bought two cribs and a changing table for Ian and Bobby. He took the furniture upstairs and put them in a room that was at the back of the tank on its left side. While their normal bed room would remain, in case they had visitors, they would have their new, real bed room, or nursery, upstairs.
The cribs were placed on both sides of the room, being made of beige wood with light blue beds that came with dark blue blankets, and of course their own mobiles that dangled cupids. The changing table was rather big, having a grey leather top for the boys to rest on, along with a belt to hold them in place, while the rest was made of white metal. There was also a shelf full of diapers in the back of the room, with one spot on the shelf having baby powder and lotion. On the left of it was a new dresser full of new clothes that were babyish.
The new clothes included t-shirts with cute cartoon characters and other shirts that said stuff like, “I heart my Daddy,” “There’s something wrong with my diapee,” and “No Potties for Me!” There were also onesies, sleepers, booties, and more bonnets and pacifiers. Even Alfred would wear his own clothes that were the same, only his size.
There were also new toys to play with, like building blocks, a see and say, two sit and bounce balls, and paint so they can do finger painting. Speaking of art, Alfred even repainted the plain, white walls with simple pictures of green hills with a bright blue sky with white goofy clouds, a sun in the back, a red barn on the left wall, and a cornfield on the right. There were also smiling farm animals, like cows, horses, and pigs that had baby humans and lizards riding on them. Even chickens that were chased by babies.
The whole family would play together in this room, stacking blocks together, trying to reach the ceiling. Ian and Bobby would race against each other on their sit and bounces while Alfred would pretend to be a referee. And finally they would finger paint, making colorful blobs of paint on their papers, and it would always be followed by bath time.
As for times outside of the nursery, they would watch toddler shows on the big TV, not just Sesame Street, but others too like Caillou, Barney the Dinosaur, Blue’s Clues, and The Berenstain Bears. They would also read children’s books based off these shows.
As for the kitchen, Alfred would put the boys in two separate high chairs that were red, and he would spoon feed them their breakfast, lunch, and dinner while they wore bibs and had sippy cups full of either water or juice. For lunch, it was always baby food, made of mashed up bananas, apples, or vegetables. Everything they ate at the tank was mashed up in fact. For breakfast, they ate oatmeal, cereal, and mashed up pancakes mixed with syrup. As for dinner, it would be mashed up meat of steak, chicken, ham, or pork, with a side of mashed potatoes. Now when they ate desert, that would be really fun, because they would eat cake or pie with their hands instead.
Whenever they had bottles of milk, Alfred would bottle feed one of them on his lap, following breakfast, twice after lunch, and once more after dinner to help them go to sleep.
As for sleep, when the day was over, Alfred would be put them in their cribs, either wearing a onesie, a sleeper, or none at all, sucking on their pacifiers, while their mobiles span and played lullabies.

Now whenever they were out of the tank, they would put on normal clothes and act natural. They were capable of switching roles, and today, they were out playing with other kids in the trailer park outside. The day was a little cloudy, and the sun hid behind one of the clouds.
The kids were all playing hide and go seek in the nearby forest, which had a fence inside so they would not get too far and not get lost. Ian was the seeker and he was looking for six other kids, one of which was Bobby, who he already found.
As Ian continued to search, Bobby would follow behind, unlike the next four kids, who just went back to their parents, waiting for the game to end and see who won. Finally, Ian had found the last player: Nancy, a yellow scaled lizard girl, who was the same age as Bobby. She was hiding in a log, albeit not very well, give she was only halfway in. And to think, she was the clear winner. But Ian discovered something shocking that would mean good news to Bobby and himself.
Sticking out of Nancy’s shorts was what looked like a diaper! The Ian silently told Bobby about it, who was amazed as well.
“Hey Nancy!” Ian called to her. “We found you! And you’re the winner!”
Nancy crawled out and cheered, “Yes! I knew the log was a good idea!” She was a fun girl who was mischievous in nature, having a tendency to pull pranks.
“Well hold on,” Ian interrupted her cheer. “We have bad news, but also some good news.”
“What?” she asked puzzled, not liking how they seemed to be raining on her parade.
“We know you’re wearing a diaper.” Bobby put it plainly. This of course put her off guard.
“What!?! No I’m not!” she panicked, blushing with anger.
“Yes you are,” Ian retorted. “We could se it sticking out of your shorts.”
“But the good news is that we are wearing diapers too, so you’re not alone!” Bobby told her. This gave her a look of suspicion, thinking they were lying.
“Prove it!” she demanded. “Pull down your pants!”
They shrugged and did as told. Luckily nobody was there to see, especially since Ian was wet. This surprised Nancy, who said, “You do wear diapers!”
“Yeah! You’re not alone!” Bobby assured her.
“Hey, I have an idea,” Nancy slowly said, with a hint of mischief on her face. “Let’s tell our parents, and let’s have a play date at my house!”
The boys looked at each other and smiled. Ian said, “That sounds like a great idea!”

After the other kids would leave, it was just the boys, Nancy, and their parents. Nancy had two fathers who were a homosexual couple. Their names were Mike and Jean, and they were both lizards. Mike was the more muscular one with yellow scales, while Jean had light muscles and had green scales. The were good friends of Alfred.
“Really?” Alfred queried, surprised to know another kid was like the boys. “Looks like the kids have something in common!”
“Yeah!” Jean agreed. “A play date would be fun! You know, we’ll be leaving for a vacation next Sunday. How about instead of one play date, we let them come over for the rest of the week until we leave?”
“I’m alright with that,” Alfred said. “I can some extra work while they play. How about two hours, from ten to twelve o’clock?”
“That’ll work,” Mike said. “Jean will be home to watch them.
“Since you guys will be at my house for a week,” Nancy said with some mischief in her voice. “How about Bobby and I have a bet?”
Ian looked at her shrewdly, Alfred looked curious, her dads looked disapprovingly, and Bobby asked, “Go on?”
“Since we both wear diapers, let’s do a coin flip game. Every day, we’ll do one coin flips and if it lands on tails, you win and I have to dress like a baby. You have to bring some baby clothes for me to wear and you can choose which one.”
Bobby chuckled to this idea. “Okay! We can bring some stuff.”
“But if it lands on heads, I win and you have to dress like a baby girl! And once you start having to wear something, you can’t take it off until the game is over, or when you have to take a bath. Whoever wins the most coin flips wins the game!”
Nancy’s fathers tried to cut in, but Bobby already said, “Deal!”
“Oh boy.” Mike and jean said.
“At least they will look cute,” Alfred said optimistically. “Besides. I think it will help Bobby get in touch with his feminine side.”
“No it won’t!” Bobby looked up annoyed.
“In fact, I just got a video camera, so this would be perfect to record. “Can you do it for me Ian?”
“Okay.” Ian replied.
“Well. See you boys tomorrow.” Jean said nervously.

Ian and Bobby were waiting on the couch for Alfred to bring out the baby bottles of milk. Ian was wearing a blue onesie and bib, while Bobby was wearing a yellow t-shirt with a picture of a smiling sun wearing a green pacifier. It only reached down to his waste, not covering up his diaper a bit.
Their father came in, only wearing nothing but a diaper that was clean. “You want to sit on my lap Ian? Bobby did it last time.” he asked, handing one of the bottles to Bobby who started sucking on the bottle already.
“Yeah!” he cheered a bit. The boys like getting bottle fed by Alfred. Ian was now resting his head against his daddy’s chest, who held him with his left, muscular arm, and place the bottle in his mouth with his right hand.
“So are you nervous about the bet Bobby?” Alfred asked while he looked at Ian’s face sweetly, because this was a perfect way for them to bond.
“No way!” Bobby replied confidently. “Sure, it’s obvious that the first thing she’ll make me wear is a dress, but I’ll totally win.”
“Either way, I would love to see you in a dress.” This received a cute glare from Bobby, who went back to drinking his milk.
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