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Ever since their first day in their new home, Ian and Bobby adapted to their new home and have bonded real well with their adopted father. They played games together, they watched TV together, they have went out to eat in good restaurants, and the boys have been playing with other kids in the trailer park while Alfred talked to other parents. The parents were really happy for Alfred, knowing that a few more children were living in the park to add more life, and it has only been a week.
Alfred was glorified to finally have a family. Since he got back from the war, he really wanted to move on, not only by moving into a small town in Nashville, but also to have children to dedicate himself to. He may not have a wife to help with the boys, but he was confident in raising the boys by himself. Besides, he has actually asexual for as long as he could remember, so he was not capable of romantic love. He was however able to feel fatherly love, as he wanted children since he saw the other kids play together.
Then there was the diaper situation. The moment he saw Ian and Bobby in their absorbent garments, he was thrilled to not only have good kids to raise, but also kids who are able to understand his shared problem. Now he was teaching them that it did not have to be a problem at all, but instead a challenge to properly learn humility and wear their diapers with pride. Not only this, but he also thought that they were cute when they wore their diapers visibly to each other, and now to him, especially since he does it too, for the sake of feeling relieved from harboring a secret.
One day, when Alfred was changing himself in his bathroom, he looked at his own diaper the same way and thought he looked cute as well. Even though he looked like a baby, at least he looked like a cute one. He even took a picture of himself in the mirror without his shirt, and he started playing around with the picture, pasting a pacifier on it in his smartphone, along with a bonnet and a bib. He took another picture and made an adorable pose, raising his shoulders, holding his hands, and making a guilty smile, as though he supposedly messed himself while the timer he set on his phone went off and took the photo. And of course he pasted the same items on this picture. It would only be cuter if it were the boys he thought. This gave him an idea.

While Ian and Bobby played with other kids in the trailer park on a partly cloudy Monday, Alfred asked one of the parents to watch them because he was going to a store to get a surprise. Thinking he was going to get them toys or a pet, the parents he asked were happy to oblige.
Alfred drove his sedan to a Toys R Us and went into the store. After grabbing a blue shopping cart, he passed by shelves full of colorful toys and entered the Babies R Us section. Besides having various diaper brands and the same products that could be found in a baby aisle at a supermarket, like pacifiers, baby powder, lotion, and of course toys for infants. He bought two pacifiers, one white and the other in sky blue, two bonnets in light green and yellow, a set of four baby bottles made of strong glass, and two teddy bear less than a foot tall. The bears each had a red bow tie wrapped around their necks. Alfred even bought baby powder and lotion, and paid for all these items.
He then returned to the tank home and hid the items in the gun room, which had various pistols, rifles, and shotguns in black and camouflage colors. He still had these not only for emergencies like he had said before, but also for when the neighbors wanted to shoot some rounds together, which happened occasionally. Alfred would then put his plan into fruition.

A few hours went by, and after taking a bath following dinner, the boys put on their diapers, and while Bobby putted on a shirt, Ian decided not to put one on. They watched a little TV while their father went to bed, saying they could watch TV until nine o’clock. The show ended three minutes before so, and they left for their bedroom.
However, when Bobby had already laid his head on his pillow, he felt an odd lump from underneath. As for Ian, he found one too when he was just putting his arm underneath his own. Together, they each found the pacifiers their father bought without them knowing.
“What the?” Ian said confused and surprised at the same time, holding the white one.
“That’s my line!” Bobby responded, holding the blue one.
“Did you put this under my pillow?” Ian asked suspiciously, raising an eyebrow.
“Again, that’s my line,” Bobby said. “You’ve never seen me buy this.”
“Well you never saw buy a binky before either,” Ian retaliated. “Maybe daddy bought these, trying to mess with us.”
“Let’s ask him.” They go out of their beds and went walked to the door across their room, still holding the pacifiers. They knocked on their father’s door and there was no answer.
“Daddy?” Ian called out. “Are you still awake?”
“We want to ask you something!” Bobby cried out. There was no response.
“I guess he’s a heavy sleeper.”
They walked back into their room and crawled into their beds.
“What are we supposed to do we these?” Bobby asked.
“I guess suck on them?” Ian suggested awkwardly.
“But these are for babies! We’re too big for these!”
Ian put his white pacifier in his mouth and chuckled. Bobby chuckled right back and asked, “Why did put in your mouth?”
“It actually doth feel… pathifying!” Ian gibbered through the pacifier in his mouth. Bobby looked at his own and hesitantly put in his own mouth. He gave it a few suns and chuckled himself. Ian laughed right back.
“Well,” he said as he got under his blanket. “Good night!”
“Good night.” They turned off their lamps and went to sleep. Alfred suddenly entered thought their door, ever so silently, and saw them wearing the pacifiers. He smiled in success.

Ian and Bobby decided to make an unspoken rule about not mentioning the pacifiers, which they kept hidden under their pillows. They never asked Alfred what they were doing there in the first place. After they spent the night wearing their pacifiers, this time while playing a game of checkers before going to bed, their father checked again and saw they were wearing them and not even sleeping.
Alfred decided to continue his plan. So the next night, he filled two of the baby bottles with warm milk and vanilla, and put each one under their blankets while they were bathing together in the bathroom. Even though they came out hot from the microwave, they would be warm by the time Ian and Bobby went to bed.
Once again they were surprised by what they found, knocking on their father’s door again, which was still left unanswered. They decided to just drink their bottles of milk, and they loved the warm tastes of vanilla. They went to sleep faster than the last two nights.
The next night, they refilled their bottles while their father slept, adding vanilla extract, which they found in one of the kitchen cabinets. Bobby made a joke of cradling Ian on his lap while they sat on Ian’s bed, Bobby could bottle feed him. They both laughed as Ian started to drink the milk, but as he was almost done, he was already partially asleep while Bobby looked at him, thinking how cute he was. He carefully pushed him under his bed’s blankets, crawled into his own bed, and proceeded to drink from his bottle before falling asleep.
As for Alfred, he watched as they did these activities and continued to add more of the items he bought, the teddy bears, the baby powder and lotion (which they lade a slight mess of), the bonnets, and finally the teddy bears. He did this for the past one and a half weeks, and Ian and Bobby did not even continue to try and ask their father about these items. They just decided to keep these items a secret, and every time they found them, they went from being confused, to being excited.
The boys started acting like babies at night and during the day at times when their father was outside talking to other parents, until they heard him come back inside.
One night however, on Sunday, Ian and Bobby decided to wake up early to watch Sesame Street on the floor so they could get a better look. They last saw this show years ago, but after pretending to be babies for fun, Ian and Bobby took it up a notch by watching a show for teaching toddlers how to count and read. They loved watching Elmo again like it were TV nostalgia and they even followed along with the show when they had to answer questions.
They planned to watch one episode so they could get properly dressed before Alfred woke up. This was because not only were they wearing their diapers, which would not be a problem if their father saw them since he wears diapers too, but also because they were wearing all the items he bought. Ian was holding a teddy bear and wearing a green bonnet, and Bobby had a baby bottle filled with apple juice and his tummy still had bits of baby powder left, since Ian thought it would make him smell better. He was right. They were also both wearing their pacifiers.
They thought that if their father caught them dressed the way they were, he would either laugh at them or be upset for their maturity. Which was why they really wanted to only one episode. The problem was that they had so much fun that they ended up forgetting the time. Eventually Alfred woke up, wearing a black tank top and a wet diaper, and caught them dressed like cute little babies watching a TV show for toddlers. He smiled at the sight, and decided to sneak up on them, sat down, and the crinkling sound of his wet diaper alerted the boys. Ian and Bobby looked behind them and gasped.
“Morning!” he greeted with a warm smile. The boys looked at him with wide eyes full of shock.
“Uh…” this was all Bobby to think to say.
“Good morning?” Ian greeted back, nervously.
“Ooh!” Alfred blurted out. “I see you’re watching Sesame Street! I’ve never seen it before. Did I miss Elmo? I heard he’s a popular character.” He acted like he did not notice what they were wearing, despite how obvious the sight was.
“Uh, yeah,” Bobby muttered. “But I think he’ll come back.”
“Nice!” Alfred chirped up. He stood up and told them, “I’m gonna change myself and get a beverage. You mind I borrow your bottle Ian? I’ll clean it of course.”
Ian looked at Bobby, who looked back, and stammered, “S-sure?”
He left and the boys looked at each other in confused shock.

After Alfred poured some coffee in Ian’s bottle, he came back to the TV room, where the boys were now sitting on the couch awkwardly, not wearing their pacifiers. Ian even took off his bonnet.
“Can I sit in the middle? I’m think we’re gonna need to talk about something.” he said to them with a brow raised and a grin. The boys scooted to their sides and their father sat down.
“So I’ve noticed you liked the gifts that I got the both of you?”
“It was you!” Bobby accused, pointing with his left finger.
“Why didn’t to say anything?” Ian demanded.
“I wanted to see if you liked your gifts!” he said innocently, yet jokingly. “Besides, it’s not like I gave either of you a DVD of Sesame Street. You found that on your own!”
“Why would you get us this stuff?” Ian asked.
“At first it was a bit of a joke to see how adorable you two looked,” he teased as he put his arms around them. “And now if you wanted to act like babies again.” This confused this them greatly.
“But don’t we have to grow up?” Bobby asked.
“I said ‘act’ like babies, for fun,” Alfred corrected him. “Not be immature and let it hold you back from acting like responsible adults. You can do that while at the same time let out your inner babies and have fun, having moments of peace. Plus, I was hoping to join you guys.”
“You want to act like a baby!?!” Bobby asked surprised.
“Even though it’s important to be adults, I believe it’s good to take a break from being an adult and be a kid. There are times when you should act your ages, but at home, you can be like babies and be happier than you already are. After all, growing up is stressful.
“And,” he said slowly, like he were about to give them a surprise. “I can remodel one of the rooms upstairs so you little babies can have a nursery.”
“You mean like cribs?” Ian curiously asked with hope.
“And a changing table?” Bobby asked.
“And those things you hang on top of a crib to play music?”
“It’s called a mobile and yes,” Alfred replied. “And I can paint the walls to look babyish, give you boys some baby toys, get some baby movies, and I can get you new clothes like sleepers and onesies.”
“What’s a onesie?” Ian asked.
“Those shirts that cover the butt and crotch,” Alfred told him. “And I can buy you guys a high chair to sit on while I feed you stuff like baby food from a jar, and you can wear bibs and drink from sippy cups, and if we go hiking, we can all dress like babies in the great outdoors rather than indoors for a change.”
“Could you also bottle feed us?” Ian asked shyly.
“And read us bed time stories?” Bobby asked excitedly.
“Absolutely!” their father cheered, pulling them into a hug. “On one condition: I have to be the big baby!”
And so the babies are born
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