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A Family of Babies

Chapter 2

“Now that I am officially your father, you boys can call me dad if you are ready. I understand that you will need to het used your new lifestyle, so how about we take things slow?” Alfred asked from the driver’s seat.
“Can we call you daddy?” Ian asked.
“Of course. I’m already a daddy now, so that will work too.”
Driving through town, Alfred took a right an drove into a parking lot. He stopped at a supermarket.
“Just need to get a few things for our first dinner tonight.” he said.
He parked the car and went inside with the boys following behind. They went inside and Alfred got a shopping cart. Alfred grabbed Ian and put him in the seat of the cart.
“You don’t mind do you?” Ian shook his head.
Together they walked through some of the aisles, getting bread, peanut butter and jelly, chips, water bottles, and a turkey for dinner.
“Hope you boys like turkey,” Alfred said putting it in the cart. “Now we just need two more things.”
After walking a bit more, Bobby’s eyes went wide to the aisle they were going into. Ian noticed this.
“What?” he asked. He turned and noticed they were in the baby aisle, full of multiple diaper brands, baby bottles, pacifiers, baby food, baby powder, and lotion.
“Why are we going down this aisle?” Bobby asked nervously.
“To get you boys more diapers,” Alfred answered surprised. “Why? You weren’t planning on keeping that a secret from me were you kids?” he asked with a grin.
“No!” Bobby objected defensively. “We just didn’t tell you about it, and yet you know about it?”
“Before we first met, I could see you boys wearing your diapers and no pants. Why do you think I knocked?”
They were surprised and blushed. “You know that I would have learnt about it sooner right? Miss Moira told all about your situation. Now which brand do you kids wear?”
Bobby sighed and pointed at the right brand with the right sizes. They were called, “Super-Diaperz.” he grabbed two for each of them and went to the cash registers to buy them.

On the way back home, the boys looked uncomfortable in the back. Alfred noticed their faces in the rearview mirror.
“Are you boys alright?” he asked.
“If you saw us wearing our diapers back at the orphanage, why didn’t you laugh at us?” Ian asked nervously.
“Two reasons: It’s not nice to laugh at people’s problems, even if they deserve it. And I would have laughed if it were actually funny. It wasn’t.”
“Really?” Bobby piped up with curiosity.
“No! You looked adorable.” This made them blush again.
“Listen,” he said sternly this time. “When we get home, I want to talk about your situation more seriously. Okay?”
“Okay.” they uttered simultaneously.

They got to the trailer parka and the boys could see other kids playing together. They saw many different models of not just trailers, but also RV’s and kids playing together while their parents talked with other adults or took tans.
Finally, they got to the tank. Alfred parked in its shadow and started getting the groceries out with the boys carrying them.
“Wow!” Bobby said looking up at the tank with Ian. “You live in a big trailer!”
“That’s because it’s not a trailer. It’s a tank from the war!” Ian told him with amazement. He turned to face Alfred and asked, “How did you get this?”
“Well, I was in the war, as you could tell from my clothes, and after it was over, I was offered an award for my services. I asked for this to be my home, and I decided to put it here in Tennessee.” he told them as he pulled out what looked like off car keys.
He pressed the button, and the door on the front of the tank opened. They walked inside and saw a hallway with white walls and white doors. They went into the first room on the front, which had a kitchen. It was rather fancy, having granite table tops and nice brown wooden cabinets. The chrome refrigerator had two doors and a freezer in the bottom. He put the turkey, bread, jelly, and the water bottles in the fridge, and the peanut butter and chips in a cabinet.
“Now the room across the kitchen is a living room, your bedroom is right next to it, and mine is across it, just next to the kitchen. The other rooms can be for anything, however, one of the room is full of my guns for emergencies, so it's are off limits. Which includes the shooting range upstairs.” he said sternly.
“You have a shooting range!?!” Bobby exclaimed fascinated. "And gun!?!"
“Off limits.” He repeated, looking him in the eyes. Bobby rolled his.
“Speaking of the rooms, let’s look at the living room.” Alfred suggested, gesturing to the living room. He opened the door and let them in to see while he opened their bedroom next door. The living room a a couch made of black fabric and there was an HD TV. They sat on the couch and it was perfectly cushiony and soft.
They got up to check out their shared bedroom and it had two blue blanketed beds on the left and the right sides. They had black metal bedposts, both had a night stand with a lamp, and there was a red dresser in between them at the back. Both rooms and the kitchen had white walls as well. They put their luggages on the beds they picked, Bobby choosing the left one and Ian picking the other.
“Alright. Let’s talk about your situation.” Alfred suddenly announced at the door. They did not notice him go back into the kitchen to get their diapers. For the third time today, they blushed and grabbed a plastic bag for themselves. They set them in front of the dresser.
“Come here.” Alfred told them, sitting on Ian’s bed. They walked over and sat down.
“I understand that you kids are very sensitive about what you have to wear. Ian, I know you can’t hold it in because of what happened to your parents.” Ian looked down at the floor holding putting his hands together.
“And Bobby. I know that you hate toilets because you were once bullied.” This made Bobby suddenly stood up, clench his hand, and angrily complained, “I am not using the bathroom!”
“I didn’t say you had too,” he interjected, holding up a finger. He then told him, “If I did, I would only have bought one bag. Based on what you went through, I believe that you are afraid of the toilet, and…”
“I’m not afraid of the bathroom!” he interrupted defensively.
“Come on Bobby, I know that your are a brave kid, but that doesn’t mean that you’re always brave. You had your head shoved in a toilet by a kid bigger than you and it must have been scary for a kid your age back then.”
“Okay! I’m afraid!” he admitted with a shout. He sat on the floor with his arms crossed, and he was shedding tears. Ian felt bad for him. He was smart enough to guess this a long time ago. It’s a surprise that he isn’t in a grade higher than Bobby, who was going into the second grade. Once summer vacation ends, Ian would be starting school for the first time, since one has to be five years old to start school.
Alfred patted Bobby’s head and whispered. “It’s okay to be afraid. I’m just surprised that when you started wearing diapers again, you didn’t hesitate to borrow them fro Ian.”
“Better than using the trees,” Bobby said calmly. He then explained, “Every time I see a toilet, I think about my head being inside and I get scared and angry! Please don’t make me use the toilet!”
He covered his eyes in frustration, begging like it were the worst punishment he could have.
“You don’t need to use the toilet,” Alfred calmly told him. “You can wear diapers as long as you want. Just as long you are not embarrassed of your diapers.”
“I’m only humiliated when someone sees them.”
“I wouldn’t be afraid if someone sees me.” Alfred said confidently.
Ian looked at him suspiciously and asked, “What do you mean if someone sees you?”
Alfred stood up in front of the bedf or the boys and pulled down his pants. The tall, muscular, soldier with the cool dog tags, was wearing an adult diaper. It had a total of four blue tapes instead of two, it had a wetness indicator, and it indicated that it was wet. Not only was their father wearing a diaper, but he had wetted too. The boys were surprised.
“You wear diapers too!?!” they asked simultaneously, totally bewildered.
“Back in my training days, I was hit with a frag grenade, and a piece of shrapnel hit me low in the stomach. It got into my bladder, and as a result, I became incontinent like you Ian. However, not only did I get used to it, I learnt for myself that they are just a piece of clothing that anyone could. It just so happens that infants need them.” he empathized.
“Infants?” Bobby asked still staring at the adult diaper.
“Babies.” Ian told him, still looking at it too, even when Alfred sat back down again. He grabbed Ian’s chin to get him to look him in the eyes.
“Come back.” He ordered Bobby, who dried his tears and sat back on the bed.
“What’s good about wearing diapers is that they teach you humility. I’m proud to wear to wear mine, and since you boys are proud to wear them in front of each other, you should not be humiliated. It’s a good idea to not let anyone find out, but just as you found out Ian wears them Bobby, you maybe be lucky to meet people to accept you boys for you are.
“Ian, you are no the only person who is incontinent, as proven by me. And Bobby, I am so proud of the idea that you did not laugh at him. You even comforted him when he cried. As an award, I will never talk you out of wearing diapers.” he said putting an arm around their shoulders as he spoke to each of them.
“You promise?” Bobby asked.
“If I got you out of diapers, you would be the only one not wearing them, you’d make us look bad.” he joked. This made him laugh a little.
“What was that? A chuckle?” he asked incredulously. “Come on I want to hear a big laugh!”
He suddenly started to tickle Bobby in the stomach, making him laugh harder, and Ian laughed too, watching them.
After catching their breath, Alfred stood up and said, “Whelp. I’m going to start dinner. You guys can go watch TV. And why are you still wearing your pants?” he asked them with a bit of surprise in his voice.
“What?” the asked.
“I know you kids like to be in your diapers. I sure do. So go ahead!” he encouraged them with a smile. They looked at each other, Bobby smiled at Ian, and took off his shorts. Ian followed suit and put his pants on his bed. Bobby put his shorts on the bed.
They watched TV as their new father prepared the turkey. They had dinner, talking about the movie they saw while eating the delicious white meat of the turkey with mashed potatoes. After they finished eating, Bobby had the bright idea of putting the mashed potatoes in his diaper. He said it was fun while the others watched. This earned him a bubble bath, which they were both going to have anyway, together apparently. They played with their bath toys while Alfred scrubbed they clean. After getting them out and drying them off, he offered to put them in their diapers himself, and when they accepted, he did so, gave them their pajamas, and they all went to sleep.
Second chapter. This one has quite a shocker, unless you were smart enough to guess.
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