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It has been three years. Three years since the Wyvern Dictatorship was completely destroyed. Life had gone back to normal on Earth, and there was one soldier from the war who was living contently in Nashville, Tennessee.
This soldier was a light-blue skinned lizard man who had two spike coming out from the front of his head towards the back. He was a muscular soldier who stood at six feet and he had yellow eyes. He often would wear his camouflage pants, a black tank top shirt and military dog tags. His name was Alfred, and he was 25 years old.
He lived in a nice trailer park full of families who got together from time to time and his “trailer” was the biggest. It was actually a lizard military tank that was the same size of a two-story house. It was dark gray and on the outside, appearing like a big cube with a total of twelve wheels to carry it. On the inside, there were two floors. Both were mostly bedrooms for soldiers, while the top floor had a shooting range on the left side and a pilot room at the front.
Today, Alfred got outside and entered his beige sedan. He drove into the nearby town, wearing his black sunglasses on the nice sunny day that just so happened to be the first day of Summer Vacation. This was perfect because after he drove by many small stores, he left the town and drove onto a road leading into a forest.
After a couple distances, he stopped at an orphanage. It was rather new, being three stories tall, made of concrete, and it was for boys who were both human and lizard. He got out of his car, put away his sunglasses, and entered through the doors. Alfred saw children who were chasing each other down a hallway, another leaving what seemed to be a bathroom, and a lizard woman came up to him.
“Hello!” She said with a smile on her face. She looked middle-aged and she had yellow-scaled skin. She was wearing a blue shirt with a black skirt and she was tall enough for her head to reach his chest.
“My name is Moira!” she said. “Are you here looking to adopt?”
“Yes,” Alfred said with a grin. His voice was a bit gruff but was soft altogether. “Would it be alright if I looked around?”
“Of course!” Moira replied. “Go on ahead.”
Alfred looked down the halls and climbed the steps to the upper floors. He looked in each room, most of which were opened and he wanted to make sure he chose the right one.
After the war was over, Alfred had been deciding to adopt some kids for a fresh start. He wanted to have someone to love and take care, and would have families of their own for him to love as well. One would say that he had gotten soft. At the same time, he started a hobby that made him feel better about part taking in the war.
Finally, when he looked through the space of a slightly opened door, he saw a green-scaled lizard and a Caucasian human with black hair. They were both playing checkers, and he saw something that was really surprising. Something that was really adorable. They were both wearing diapers!
The boys were wearing disposable diapers that were white with blue tapes. They were not like the ones for babies and young toddlers. Alfred decided to knock on the door and asked, “Is there anyone in there?”
The boys panicked a little and it sound like they quickly put on some pants. One of them cried, “Come in!” Alfred entered the room and saw the boys looking up at him. They were pretty young, their head heights reaching to his thighs, and they looked up at him. The lizard boy had the same eye color and he was wearing a blue t-shirt with jean shorts. The human boy was a head short, and he had brown eyes and was wearing a long sleeved white shirt and average blue jeans.
“Hello.” Alfred said kindly.
“Hi.” They both said softly.
“My name is Alfred. Can you tell me your names?”
“I’m Bobby!” The lizard boy said. He sounded cheerful and positive. “I like your dog tags!”
“Thank you,” he replied, grabbing it to show. He then looked at the human boy and asked, “What about you?”
“I’m Ian,” he said, barely looking him in the eye. He was shy apparently. “It’s nice to meet you.”
“It’s nice to meet you too,” Alfred replied. “So you two are playing checkers?”
“Yeah!” Bobby said happily. “I’m winning!”
“That’s what I want you to think.” Ian said rather smugly.
“Oh please!” Bobby said smugly himself. “I already caught three of your pieces!” He punctuated by moving one black piece forward. Ian however casually moved a red piece that hopped over three black pieces.
“Now we both caught three pieces.” He said holding the black checkers in front of the shocked look of Bobby’s face.”
“How did you do that?” Bobby demanded over exaggeratedly.
“Impressive,” Alfred complimented. “How old are the both of you?”
“I’m six!” Bobby said proudly, forgetting what he saw Ian did. As for Ian, he simply said, “Five. He’s a year and three months older.”
“I see you know some good math.” Alfred said while poking him teasingly on the stomach. This made him blush and clutch his stomach.
“Are you here to adopt someone?” Bobby asked.
“As a matter of fact, yes.”

“Have you found anyone interesting?” Moira asked. Alfred as in her small office sitting in front her desk.”
“Yeah. Can you tell me about Bobby and Ian? saw them wearing something quite different.” he said jokingly.
“Oh. You saw them wearing diapers?” she asked with an awkward smile.
“I thought it was cute,” He said nicely. “Especially since they didn’t seem to have a problem not wearing pants, until I knocked that is.”
“Well those two are a special case. Let’s start with Ian. Unlike most of the children, along with Bobby, who never knew their parents, Ian lost his. Years ago, on the day of his third birthday, his parents were walking across a street to a parking lot, after taking him to Chuck E’ Cheeses. But there was a high speed car chases and his parents were hit and killed.”
“That’s horrible,” Alfred said with a sad look. “Did he watch it happen?”
“Yes. He stopped walking to pick up a coin and that’s what kept him from getting alongside them. He had a front row seat. He was so traumatized that he became socially withdrawn and introverted. While his mind was traumatized, so were his bladder and bowels. The stress form it all negatively impacted them, so a result, he became permanently incontinent, and he was already potty trained a month before.
“As for Bobby, about a month before Ian’s parents were killed, he was already potty trained as well, but in the orphanage, he was picked on by a fifth grader and had his head shoved in a toilet.” She said disgustingly with her eyes closed. He was four years old.
“I’m guessing that had an everlasting effect as well?”
“He hates toilets. And to this day, he still does. He stopped using bathrooms and instead just went outside to do his business on one of the trees constantly. I tried to get him to use the bathroom, but he gets really upset when he just looks at it. Forcing him would have only made things worse. Soon when Ian arrived, Bobby accidently walked in on him one day within the the week. Ian was changing himself and when Bobby saw what he just put on, Ian started crying out of embarrassment. However, Bobby did something that other toddlers would not have done, he sat down and comforted him!”
Alfred looked surprised at this. “Really?” he asked impressed.
“It was really mature of him yo do that. He then told Ian about his hatred of toilets and proposed a deal: Ian would give Bobby a diaper in exchange for cookies!”
“That sounds like a fair deal,” Alfred joked. “Were you there when this happened?
“No, Ian told me when I found out their deal. For about two months, they have been doing this trade, and I only got suspicious when Ian supposedly already ran out of diapers, and Bobby finally stopped going outside to go. One day, I caught them doing their trade, and I talked to Ian, who told then told me everything.
“Like I said, I didn’t want to force Bobby to use the toilet, but he is too old to use diapers, even back then, so I same up with a deal of my own: I would buy Bobby his own bag of diapers, if he changes Ian.”
“Well that’s hilarious,” Alfred said with a chuckle. He thought it was actually an adorable actually. “But I’m guessing that didn’t work?”
“Nope. He was disgusted by the idea at first, but he agreed, and I told him how to use baby powder and where to rub baby lotion. He didn’t like it at first, but then it backfired when he got used to it. Ian even made it for fun by blocking his view with his feet, and they would laugh as Bobby would try to put a diaper on him without looking, getting baby powder on his stomach by accident, making them laugh more. Soon, Bobby dared Ian to him in return, and the next thing i knew, they were changing each other.
“They started hanging out with each outside Ian’s room and did a lot of activities together. Instead of trading cookies, they ate together, watched TV together, playing games. They basically became best friends. Noticing this, I decided to make them roommates, they were excited to this. They got closer, especially since before going to bed, Bobby would be kind enough to read him a bedtime story, and whenever Ian had nightmares of the day his parents died, Bobby would get out his bed and sleep with him in his bed. And whenever they are alone together in the room, they would take off their pants and let their diapers be visible to each other. Apparently they became comfortable enough to be exposed to each other, as if they like wearing them thanks to they brotherly relationship. They became like brothers really.”
“And Bobby still wears diapers to this day?” Alfred asked curiously.
“I’m afraid not. I think it’s cute that they change each other, but I want him to get over his hatred of toilets. While Ian is introverted and shy, Bobby is extroverted and brave, yet I think he more than hates toilets. I think he’s afraid.”
“It’s alright to be afraid, and it’s alright to wear diapers, because really they’re just garments,” Alfred told Moira. “And I’v already decided whom I’ll be adopting.”

Alfred was waiting outside his car while Bobby and Ian had finished making their bags, coming downstairs. They walked to his car and both got in the backseat. Ian was nervous since everything was changing, Bobby was excited because they were about to see their new home. As for Alfred, he was happy to have a family.
Here it is. The main characters are revealed.
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